It is already 80 years that WIX Filters has been supplying filters for passenger cars, and every variety of heavy machinery and equipment. Drawing on our many years of experience, with our expert staff, modern production lines, and laboratories, under constant quality control, the quality of our products excels. Maintaining the highest standards at every stage of filter design and the manufacturing process has also made us one of the most-popular brands in the world.


In the late 1930s, in North Carolina, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw began making car filters. Soon they changed the entire industry. In 1954, they patented the "twist of the wrist" thread filter, which quickly became a standard in the automotive sector. Since then, subsequent WIX Filters solutions have proven to be successful in the filter industry.

Today, WIX Filters range includes over 16,000 separate automotive products. Our products are designed for passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy machines and equipment. The WIX-Filters portfolio includes fuel, oil, air and cabin air filters, as well as air dryers, coolant, hydraulic oil and urea filters, all these promoted further with a host supplementary products. We have a huge selection of filters for heavy and industrial machinery, used, e.g., in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.


Our passion for sport and our need for constantly testing technologies led us to race tracks half a century ago. WIX Filters are installed in racing cars as a reliable solution in the toughest of conditions. In motor sport, the best drivers finish first, thanks to WIX filters. 

For 80 years, WIX Filters has been among the elite filter manufacturers. We are present in 80 markets today and our filters are produced in 10 countries over 5 continents. 

We do everything to guarantee the highest quality of each new product and of the entire WIX Filters range.

In May 2016, the process of incorporating the global brand WIX Filters into the MANN+HUMMEL group was completed, which resulted in the creation of one of the world's-largest filtration-technology companies.




Many car manufacturers have trusted us.
This is the best confirmation of the high standard of our filters.


Each new contract is preceded by a series of tests conducted in our own laboratories and independent facilities. Due to the fact that we manufacture products fitted as original equipment, we are subject to periodic audits by car manufacturers and certification institutions. Our quality management systems meet the requirements of IIATF 16949, as well as the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard. Thanks to the experience we have gained the knowledge and technologies used in the production of original equipment, we provide our customers high-quality WIX Filters replacement parts. 
In order to become an OE supplier, several requirements and formalities must be met. All manufactured filters and filter elements for the automotive industry are of comparable quality, as are the components which are, or have been, used for the assembly of particular cars in accordance with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 461/2010 of 27 May 2010 on the application of Article 101 sec. 3 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union to categories of vertical agreements and concerted practices in the motor vehicle sector.



Innovation drives us

In 1954, WIX Filters engineers created and patented the spin-on oil filter, which quickly became one of the most-popular filters.


New solutions are constantly introduced to ensure increasingly accurate filtration. New raw materials and filtration solutions are being designed and tested everyday to give a higher and more fluid soluton to the highest filtration requirments in today close tolerance engines.

These projects and others are being implemented in two major research and development centres in the United States and in Poland. Both centres include construction, technology, and manufacturing divisions, as well as high-end laboratories. This is where the complete process of developing new solutions and products takes place.

We cannot predict what the world will look like in 20 years. We know, however, that WIX Filters will certainly provide filter solutions for the vechicle and devices of the future.



WIX Filters We love all engines


The WIX Filters brand offers a wide range of filters for cars, vehicles, and machinery, amounting to over 16000 products, always high quality. WIX filters meet all filtration needs. For passenger cars, we have over 6400 variants dedicated not only to the European car market but also to other continents. Because of our quality, WIX Filters  are fitted as original equipment in cars by the best brands, such as MERCEDES-BENZ, VOLKSWAGEN, JAGUAR, ROLLS-ROYCE, RENAULT, VOLVO, and TESLA.

However, we go beyond the automotive world - part of our wide range of products is designed for vehicles and machines used in extreme operating conditions where high performance, reliability and quality are crucial.

We meet the expectations of the leading manufacturers of heavy machinery, such as CAT, CASE NEW HOLLAND (CNH), JOHN DEERE, KOMATSU, THE AGCO GROUP (MASSEY FERGUSON, FENDT, CHALLENGER, VALTRA), DEUTZ, VOLVO, MAN, DAF, RENAULT, MERCEDES, SCANIA, IVECO, YANMAR DIESEL, HITACHI and LIEBHERR. We have over 2200 construction-equipment filters. In agriculture, more than 1300 variants of our filters can be found in mowers, sprayers, seeders, loaders, tractors, combine harvesters, and other agricultural machines. More than 700 types of filters are used in trucks, and almost 400 are designed for fleets and the shipping industry. Today, all machines and engines are familiar with WIX Filters.