Contact information:

AS Sørensen og Balchen


Rosenholmveien 12, 1252 Oslo
Address: PO 134 Holmlia, 1203 Oslo

Tel: +47 22 76 44 00. Fax: +47 22 61 07 52.
Customer service: +47 22 76 44 44. Fax: +47 22 6107 66.


The Company

AS Sørensen og Balchen is an automotive company with one of the longest histories in Norway. The business was established as a trader in 1904 and a vehicle importer in 1907. The company has been a leading distributor of wearing parts and accessories for decades, and today, it represents many of the most respected manufacturers in the world.

AS Sørensen og Balchen supplies accessories companies, wholesalers and repair shops. The company participates in a wide-ranging working relationship focused on integrated sector solutions for logistics and repair shop systems so as to ensure an efficient flow of goods – and thus to provide customers with the greatest possible competitiveness.

In recent years, AS Sørensen og Balchen has expanded its distribution network at a fast pace. Through acquisitions and the establishment of accessories stores and district wholesalers, the Group has reinforced its position as the leading distributor in Norway to the accessories and repair shop sector.



AS Sørensen og Balchen is Norway’s oldest used parts and accessories wholesaler.  We shall:  Look after our customers efficiently and professionally and supply strong brands and quality concepts. We want our customers to be struck by our positivity, thoroughness, innovation and attention to detail.

2011 was a very eventful year for SogB. Our new owner, Mekonomen AB, indicated at an early stage that we would continue as a fully-fledged independent group in Norway in order to maintain proximity to customers. We have also strengthened our analysis, inventory management, IT and marketing tools.


Market concepts

The dominant trend in all sectors in Norway involves increased focus on establishing chains, with ever-closer and more binding working relationships throughout the goods supply chain. AS Sørensen og Balchen was quick to realize the implications of this tendency, and has established product and chain concepts for stores and repair shops, with shared profiling and marketing, along with concerted focus on a common basic range of items.

• BilXtra – the largest vehicle accessory chain in Norway. 
The chain is based on the franchise principle and currently comprises around 80 members.

• BilXtra verksted – a nationwide chain with local deployment.
The repair shop chain was established in 1998 and is now a nationwide operation.
BilXtra verksted has ambitions for appreciable growth.

• Dieselverkstedet – specialists in diesel components.

• The AS Sørensen og Balchen Dieselverksted (Diesel Repair Shop) is staffed by

highly qualified diesel technicians with specialist knowledge of most diesel systems.