air filters

It is easy to miss the moment when the air filter in your car needs to be replaced. Many users delay the replacement until the filter is completely clogged with such impurities as dust, soot or organic residue.



If this happens, the car stops running properly. Insufficient air volume means disproportional composition of the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, the vehicle loses its power, fuel not completely oxidised,  is excessively consumed, while black smoke is visible from the exhaust pipe.

The above effects are of lesser danger compared to those what may happen to the driver.

The application of low quality filters or delaying their replacement may result in accelerated wear of the engine or even its sudden failure. The components particularly prone to damage due to the particles of impurities flowing through the filter are as follows: cylinder walls, pistons, piston rings and the airflow meter.


The heavy-duty air filters are characterised by the optimally selected parameters: capacity (that is the amount of impurities the filter can filter and collect in its life cycle), effectiveness that is micron measured size of impurities filtered and resisted - too high parameters result in insufficient amount of air in the engine.


We can name many different types of air filters - the most popular of them are panel air filters, circular and cone air filters. Irrespectively of their type, all of them share one feature - to properly protect the vehicle engine, they must be manufactured out of top quality materials and in the latest technologies.

Buying WIX brand filters you are guaranteed to have bought the right solution.


Do you know that?

For the oxidation of 1 litre of fuel as many as 10 000 litres of air are needed?


Oil Filters

Oil filters, whose cost is small in comparison to the cost of the entire lubricating system of the engine, play a key role in the engine.


Oil filters are another important group of products for WIX. Not only because they are the most frequently replaced part in the car, but also because in 1954 WIX engineers designed and patented the most popular oil filter type ever, the so-called spin-on oil filter.

We often do not realise how important the oil filter in the car is and we often undermine its role. Once we realise that it is the oil filter (except for the lubricants) that lies behind the fact whether hundreds of mobile engine elements shall receive proper lubrication protecting the engine against premature wear or not, only then do we start to appreciate it. 


It also worth knowing in how demanding conditions the oil filters work. Within one hour of the typical work of the engine, up to several thousand litres of oil flow through the traditional filter (complete flow of the lubricant through the filtration medium inside the filter). Thus every element of the product is exposed to extremely high pressure. It must be also mentioned that the filtered lubricants reach very high temperatures. Therefore, the application of materials of proper technical parameters (both mechanical and chemical properties) is of crucial importance.

Unlike in other product groups faulty operation of the oil filter (due to clogging or physical damage of the product) may directly result in the damage of the propulsion system.


This may occur in particular if the pressure of opening the sweep valve is improperly selected. If the pressure set is too low, the valve remains open all the time and as a result unfiltered oil gets to the engine and the engine wears prematurely, on the other hand, too high pressure will result in the valve remaining closed in emergency, due to that the amount of lubricant in the oil pipes will be insufficient. Everyone knows what danger that poses.


Poor tightness of the anti-backflow valve results in the leakage of oil from the filter after turning off the engine and the occurrence of the so-called 'dry-start' phenomenon, the engine life is dramatically shortened then.


Do you know that?

Poor tightness of the anti-backflow valve results in the leakage of oil from the filter after turning off the engine and the occurrence of the so-called 'dry-start' phenomenon, the engine life is dramatically shortened then. 

fuel filters

Understanding the need for efficient protection of the fuel system, we have designed filters, which efficiently deal with dirt, effects of container corrosion, metal sawdust and other impurities, which might pose obstacles in proper work of the engine. 


Fuel filters play a key role in the fuel system protection.

In the times when car manufacturers tend to apply more and more precise solutions (engine components made with extreme care and precision, fuel injectors working under extremely high pressure) the risk of failure dramatically increases, should any impurities enter the system.

Irrespective of the quality of the fuel, (though best quality is preferred) it will always contain impurities such as: mineral dust, fuel container rust, water particles present in the fuel, organic particles and crystallized paraffin.

Modern diesel engines are particularly prone to impurities.


WIX filters are manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of the engine and vehicle manufacturers, the applied filtration media (depending on the filter type, the media can be based on natural materials and synthetic ones) provide effective fuel filtration and excellent separation of water.


We can name many fuel filter types, the most common are spin-on oil filters (either thread screwed-in the head or connected to the fuel pipes), with the casing made of galvanised metal sheets resistant to corrosion and the so-called filter inserts, installed into non-replaceable, disassembled casings being part of the fuel system of the vehicle.


Do you know that?

WIX fuel filters can filter impurities of the size as small as 3μ.
1 μ = 0,0000001 metre.


cabin filters

We may find out for ourselves that it is necessary to use anti-dust filters when we replace the filter. It is enough to thoroughly inspect the surface of the worn filter. The awareness that many of the impurities collected thereon could end up in our lungs is the most appealing argument for the application of this type of filter in your car.


Anti-dust filters, also called cabin filters, filter the air sucked directly from the road, which is forced via the ventilation system or the air-conditioning to the vehicle passenger compartment. In the case of those drivers, who spend many hours in their cars, the filters greatly affect their well being - it is important for the air they breathe in to be free of contamination. The feeling of tiredness, hay fever, tearing or breathing difficulties will definitely adversely affect the driver's response and may pose actual threat to road safety. You can prevent this happening by using anti-dust filters.


Construction and manufacturing the filters that despite their small sizes they effectively stop the impurities without clogging and offer service life long enough for the user was possible due to the application of proper filtration media consisting of several types of polyester fibres providing optimum capacity and effectiveness of filtration


For the most demanding clients - active carbon filters:


WIX anti-dust filters with active carbon are a group of filters with excellent filtration properties.

For the efficient separation of solid and liquid impurities, two layers of synthetic fabric are applied.  Apart from that, the layer of active carbon, located between the said layers effectively removes harmful gases from the air.

Active carbon as such is the porous type of carbon of the structure similar to graphite. It attracts harmful gases to its surface due to absorption. It is interesting to know that the actual surface of 1 gram of active carbon can be as big as 900 m2. Due to that very feature the effectiveness of filtration of gas pollutants is very high.


Due to the application of the proper amount of active carbon, gases that are present in the air we breathe in such as ozone, hydrocarbons, sulphur and nitrogen compounds are almost entirely eliminated during the filter service life.


Do you know that?

Application and regular replacement of cabin filters is essential. Particles smaller than 3 µm easily get to your lungs. Deposits of impurities as well as breathing in harmful gases adversely affects your health, often the effects are irreversible.