Innovation has always been the driving force of our company. As early as in 1954 WIX engineers came up with the idea of a spin-on oil filter and patented it. It soon became the most popular filter of its type across the world. Today we come up with the solutions of tomorrow. Together with the car manufacturers we design solutions for the engines to be launched onto the market in the future. All WIX plants located on 4 continents participate in these design efforts. The European branch of WIX, namely WIX-FILTRON is the second largest design and research centre outside of the one in the USA. It is here where the complete process of developing new solutions and ready made products takes place, starting from the design stage of the production of prototypes, through the validation cycles, including the laboratory tests and real life tests (e.g. prototypes of filters installed in vehicles to run the mileage of dozens of thousands of kilometres) ending with the approval for production stage.

By investing in new technologies, not only do we launch brand new filters but we also develop the existing products on a regular basis to provide our clients with optimum efficiency, comfort and ergonomic solutions.

Other than the spin-on oil filter, innovations in the filtration industry include: SpinFlow Technology and EcoLast filterproducts, which double the life of the engine oil.

Due to their unique construction, in particular the specially applied and patented filtration media, EcoLast filters can neutralise acids generated during oil decomposition, and thus double the oil service life (understood as the vehicle mileage).

Despite the fact that EcoLast costs more than a standard filter, in the long run its application brings significant savings - the oil exchange rate is halved with no harm to the engine, this means the oil costs as well as the maintenance costs are halved. Additionally the vehicle (EcoLast filters are mainly applied in heavy duty vehicles and machinery) is less frequently out of operation and thus can generate higher profits for the owner.

This extremely brave declaration is confirmed with independent tests.

Creating `solutions of the future` we also look further into the future. As early as today we are working on such solutions as Hydrogen Fuel Cell Coolant Filtration, Hybrid Battery Cooling System Filtration, filtration of biofuels or APU filters.