In 2019, WIX Filters, a manufacturer of filtration products, is marking its 80 years of continuous development. We operate on 5 continents, in 80 countries, selling filters for passenger cars, and for all heavy machinery and equipment. Drawing on our many years of experience, with our expert staff, modern production lines, and laboratories, under constant quality control, the quality of our products excels.

From the selection of materials to semi-finished products, to finished products and delivery to the warehouse, the entire manufacturing process is monitored. We manufacture filters using raw materials provided only by reputable European suppliers. Now that we have joined the Mann+Hummel Group, we are the largest company specialising in filtration technology in the world, and our brand is recognised globally as a trustworthy business partner. Get the everyday WIXtreme Protection.


Key facts

about WIX Filters

  • 80 years in the market
  • The company owns 9 factories and has 10 major distribution centres worldwide
  • 16,000 different product items
  • 210 million filters sold annually
  • Operates on 5 continents in 80 countries
  • The highest standards of materials from the best accredited European suppliers only
  • 60 different test methods deployed in our laboratory
  • Regular audits
  • Production in line with the requirements of car manufacturers
  • Conform to IATAF 16949, ISO 9001:2015 and the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard 
  • Meet the strict requirements of the TL848 standard on the properties of PUR air-filter seals
  • Modern production lines

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No matter what conditions. No matter what challenges.

Every engine needs WIXtreme protection.