FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How wide is the range of WIX filters?

We provide a total of 16,000 types of filters for cars, machinery, heavy-duty equipment, and specialised equipment. Our range of filters covers 97% of the European passenger car market.

Does your range include filters for automotive gas installations? I did not find them in the catalogue

Yes, we have a wide range of filters for LPG installations, which can be found in the Special-Filters section.

I have a non-standard filter. Is it possible to order a customised filter?

Yes. We also manufacture filters for individual orders. The customer should determine the performance parameters of such a filter and send us the design and/or technical characteristics. We also offer a filter-regeneration service, which involves the replacement of the used filter medium and seals (while keeping the existing filter elements such as the bottom-caps, cores, valves, etc.).

Our product-department representatives will provide more information on customised filters. Their contact details can be found in the contact section.

I am looking for a filter for an industrial machine which is not in the WIX Filters catalogue. Is there any other way to select filters for my machine?

If you cannot find your machine in the WIX Filters catalogue, we recommend contacting the Product Manager (tel. 00 48 65 572 90 18) or the Product Department (00 48 65 572 89 82).

Can I buy filters directly from FILTRON?

We do not sell filters directly. You can find our products in our distributors, as well as in good shops and auto workshops.


What indicates the high quality of WIX filters?

All WIX filters are of high quality, thanks to our production standards. These standards are documented by numerous quality awards from car manufacturers, as well as by certificates of compliance with the ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 standards. We have modern laboratories in the United States and in Poland.

Another factor which has an influence on the quality of WIX filters is our expertise as a supplier of original equipment, and the standards of laboratory filter inspections. Our modern laboratory uses more than 60 testing methods in accordance with international standards. We control both the quality of materials used in production and the strength and effectiveness of the finished products.

Do you provide a guarantee for your products?

Yes. We guarantee the high quality of WIX filters and take responsibility for any damage to the engine of a vehicle in the event of faulty operation. We are not liable for any loss of potential profits, revenues, or other losses. The guarantee does not cover defects resulting from the improper installation and/or use of the filter in breach of the manufacturer’s recommendations, nor does it cover damage or defects due to the application of the filter in car races or in engines modified by a non-manufacturer.

Download the full guarantee in a pdf fileDownload the full guarantee in a pdf file

How to use our guarantee

In order to fulfil the guarantee obligations, the customer is obliged to file a claim at a WIX Filters Authorised Dealer forthwith, no later than within 30 days of the disclosure of the defect. Furthermore, the client shall be obliged to deliver the defective product to the Quality Department of MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology Poland Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. in order to carry out the appropriate inspection and analyses. If necessary, the client shall also be obliged to deliver, on request by a representative of MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland Spółka z o.o. Sp. k. the engine, vehicle or device claimed to be defective, for the assessment of the damage and finding the reasons behind it.

Where can I file a complaint if a problem occurs when using/installing a WIX Filters filter?

Complaints should always be filed at the place of purchase of the filter. Our company only accepts complaints from WIX Filters filter distributors.