filtry_powietrza Cabin filters

The cabin filter purifies the air before it enters the cabin. WIX filters stop the pollutants found in the air. This provides comfort to passengers whilst protecting against hay fever, eye irritation and ensure the driver can maintain a high level of concentration. The cabin filter equipped with the Microban system is the optimum solution even for people with pollen allergies.



High filtration efficiency

Thanks to properly selected filter media, WIX Filters filters can stop particles as small as 1 micron, 70 times smaller than the thickness of human hair. This ensures that most pollutants are trapped in the cabin filter.


Innovative antibacterial protection

The Microban antibacterial system effectively removes bacteria and allergens which are harmful to our health. It is an odourless, non-toxic coating, invisible to the human eye, applied to the filter medium, which effectively stops pollutants and ensures clean air in the passenger cabin.


Installation instructions

An illustrated manual is attached to each cabin filter to facilitate installation as much as possible. 
All manuals are available on our website in the Support section.


The role of activated carbon

It is the activated carbon which binds harmful gaseous particles, so that the passenger cabin is free from unpleasant odours. It is possible to buy an activated-carbon filter for most car models. The amount of carbon used in a given filter is selected to allow the filter to effectively purify the air from harmful volatile organic compounds for a long period of time.

The quality of WIX Filters filters results from our competence as a supplier of original equipment.


The high quality of WIX Filters products results from the broad expertise of MANN+HUMMEL – our company and the leading supplier of original filters for the largest car manufacturers in the world. MANN+HUMMEL is the world leader in filtration technology.​

Standard filters

Standard filters


Particles as small as a few microns are filtered by means of attracting pollutants by electrostatically charged fibres. Synthetic fibres are not very hygroscopic, which means water does not cause cabin filters to deform. The filtration barrier in the cabin filters is made of fully synthetic non-woven fabric.

Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon filters


The advantage of activated carbon filters is that they trap not only solid particles, but also harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone. Through adsorption, activated carbon adsorbs unpleasant odours, preventing them from entering the cabin from the outside.


the revolutionary anti-bacterial system


Thanks to the Microban system, WIX Filters cabin filters have become extremely effective in terms of protecting the health of passengers. They remove from the air not only solid particles (dust, soot, pollen), but also bacteria and allergens which are invisible to the human eye. In addition - they prevent the formation of moulds and mildew. These factors affect not only the comfort of passengers, but also the driver’s concentration.


How the Microban system works?


The Microban system is an innovative, odourless and antibacterial coating which has a two-phase effect.

The first phase is the effect of electromagnetically charged long-chain-carbon molecules. These molecules attract allergens to themselves, and then pierce their cell walls.

In the second phase, the allergens are electromagnetically neutralised. This effectively prevents their reproduction.

The advantages of the Microban system


Protection against harmful bacteria and allergens

Microban ensures comfortable travel ,as it protects against sneezing, eye irritation and nasal congestion - allergic reactions, which according to WHO are in third place among the most-common chronic diseases in the world.


Microban - standard in WIX filters

The Microban system is used in both standard and activated-carbon filters manufactured by WIX Filters. Almost every car owner can enjoy a trip free of bacteria and mildew in the cabin.


Effective, tested

The Microban antibacterial coating consists of a substance which has been studied in the laboratory and has undergone microbiological testing. Its safety and effectiveness have been scientifically confirmed. The substance we use holds a certificate from the European Biocide Product Directive (BPD).


Preventing the formation of moulds and mildew on the filter

The Microban system prevents the formation on the filter surface of moulds and mildew which negatively affect our health. In addition, it removes the unpleasant odour of mould in the cabin of the vehicle.