Proper engine protection.

The engine must be clean to work flawlessly. WIX Filters filters effectively protect your engine from premature wear and malfunction, ensuring that no particles of soot, dust or metal filings get into the engine along with the oil.

What distinguishes Heavy-duty oil filters?


A modern filter medium

Is the key element of the filter. It must be chosen in such a way that the contaminants can be caught most effectively, while allowing the oil to flow properly. In WIX filters, we use innovative materials which meet these requirements while ensuring the best performance.


Absolute air tightness

The double rolled connection of the cover plate with the filter canister withstands a wide range of static and dynamic pressures,This ensures that total air tightness of the filter is maintained.



Specially selected raw materials are used to produce the filter canister, core and springs, which are resistant to high pressure increases and vibrations. WIX filters are also galvanised and powder coated, making them corrosion resistant. They maintain their shape and properties even under the heaviest conditions.


The properly profiled spring

Tightly adheres to the surface without damaging the filter, even after prolonged use. The correct adherence of the element to the cover plate prevents leakage.