filtry_oleju Oil filters

The engine’s combustion chamber must remain clean, and therefore it also must be protected by a filter which prevents pollutants reaching the oil. The oil filter reduces the wear of close moving parts of the engine and decreases the risk of damage.



Materials of the highest quality

Our materials are subjected to regular laboratory control to maintain a high standard of quality. We can confidently say that the filter media, valves, springs, housings and other filter elements meet the requirements of the vehicle manufacturers and work well in the most-difficult operating conditions.​


Customised valves

Matching the design and characteristics of the valve to the requirements of the engine or vehicle manufacturer is crucial in the case of spin-on oil filters with valves. The valves in WIX Filters oil filters are designed according to individual requirements, so the filter always functions properly in the oil system.


Precise valves tailored to requirements

In spin-on oil filters with valves, it is important that the design and properties of the valves match the requirements of the engine or vehicle manufacturer. The valves in FILTRON oil filters are designed according to the individual requirements so that the filter always functions properly in the oil system.  


Modern plastics

For years, the trend in filtration has been to replace metal parts with plastic elements. Thanks to this, it has been possible to reduce the mass of the filter and facilitate its disposal, while maintaining high-quality filtration.

WIX Filters - a trustworthy supplier of original equipment.


Our many years of experience in the production of filters fitted as original equipment translates into the quality of WIX filters. We cooperate with the following leading automotive companies for which we design and produce original filters: Mercedes‑Benz, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Rolls‑Royce, Renault, Volvo and Tesla.

Spin-on filter. Spin-on - our invention.

Spin-on filter. Spin-on - our invention.


This type of filter was invented by engineers at the WIX Filters Laboratory in 1954, and has become a world standard. This filter consists of an element located in a steel-threaded housing, with which the filter is screwed directly onto the engine body. Spin-on filters are easy to replace and have a construction which is resistant to various factors (e.g. high pressure). Replacing the spin-on oil filter can be done virtually without the risk of introducing impurities into the engine oil system.

Oil-filter elements

Oil-filter elements


Oil-filter elements are mounted in a tight housing which is integrated with the engine. This housing contains all the elements required for fitment and promoting proper function of the oil filter within the system. Oil filter elements contain no metal parts, bottom-caps and cores are made from modern plastics, which facilitates the disposal of the filter.