Dirt is dangerous for engines.

Heavy-duty machines rarely operate in sterile conditions. They usually suck in a great deal of pollutants from the environment. WIX Filters provides effective protection of engines against abrasion.

What distinguishes WIX filters?


Pleats with ribs

This technology ensures the uniform distribution of pleats, which in turn guarantees the proper distribution of air flow over the entire surface of the filter.


Pleat-stabilising fingers

A reinforcement which prevents the pleats from collapsing and the loss of stability.


High-quality filter materials

Selected to match the requirements of the engine, they stop up to 99.9% of impurities and guarantee maximum service life of the engine.


Silicone seals

Seals of this type are most-frequently used in WIX filters, being resistant to outdoor conditions (temperature and vibrations); they do not crumble, do not become hard over time and, most importantly, ensure proper tightness. Thanks to their elasticity they do not deform.


Metal bottom-caps with a handle

For easy installation and removal of the filter. Used in selected models.


Air flow indicator

Difficult conditions (such as humidity, contaminated environment and air) in which the equipment operates can reduce the efficiency of the air filter. The air-flow indicator is used to determine whether the filter is working correctly or whether it must be replaced. The indicator ensures the optimised maintenance of the air filters.