Additional passenger protection, thanks to the innovative MICROBAN technology!

All cabin filters (both standard and activated carbon filters) from WIX Filters feature the MICROBAN technology as standard, which:
+ reduces the risk of allergic reactions
+ improves the comfort of travelling in the vehicle
+ protects passengers against the growth of bacteria, allergens, and mould on the filter

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The cabin filters from WIX Filters featuring the MICROBAN technology ensure comfort of travel, as they protect against sneezing, eye irritation, or nasal congestion - i.e. the allergic reactions that are categorised as the third most common chronic diseases in the world, according to the WHO.

The MICROBAN technology is based on a special microparticle coating visible under the microscope, which reduce allergens and prevents the growth of bacteria and mould on the filter. The effectiveness of this solution has been confirmed by laboratory tests, which were part of the objective tests carried out at the Institute for Materials Testing (MPA) in Bremen (Germany), which is accredited by the DAkkS Germany Accreditation System for Testing.

Since March 2020, the cabin filters from WIX Filters featuring the MICROBAN technology have been successively introduced to the market, using new, much more legible, damage resistant, and useful packaging. Both the old and new types of packaging will be simultaneously available on the market for some time.



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